importantWe’ve been receiving a lot of questions about whether or not it is safe to smoke electronic cigarettes during pregnancy. We are by no means experts on expectant mothers and pregnancy but the answer to this question is an obvious “NO.” Anything a pregnant woman ingests into her body travels to the baby via the umbilical cord including the chemicals found in cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. As you know, nicotine is an extremely powerful and addictive chemical. If an unborn child is exposed to nicotine it stands the chance to experience withdrawal symptoms after being born as well as a multitude of other problems. The chances of birth defects and other complications are increased if the expectant mother drinks, smokes, or ingests other toxic chemicals during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers who smoke even run the risk of losing their baby.

Under No Circumstances Should You Smoke Electronic or Any Cigarettes While Pregnant or Nursing

If you are a pregnant mother who is currently struggling with quitting smoking we encourage you to read this informative article from the American Lung Association. It is full of great information on what you can do to avoid smoking during pregnancy. has a comprehensive list of other things to avoid while pregnant as well:

Good luck and remember to always think about your baby’s best interests so they can live a happy and healthy life!